Monday, 16 December 2013

An adventure into the now!

To journey within is as exciting as visiting a colorful reef, a beautiful island, a remote mountain path or a magical urban jungle! Within us lies unclaimed territory, pristine stillness and a beauty that is beyond belief. And yet we cling to the outer journey with such intensity that we loose touch with this deep inner valley of peace and joy!

The Book
I have been pregnant with this book since about 10 years! And finally have given birth to it. I want to share some of my life experiences that have shaped my now reality, and made me the person I am today. I will  of course continue to evolve, grow, learn and transform, as that is the awesome essence of living.

What Can You Expect From the Book?
I wanted to make it  clear that awakening, meditation, love and happiness is totally possible for ANY one who seeks this. With BEING in the NOW as the goal, there is ulimately NO end goal. Only the endless, timeless, unfolding of THIS precious moment

Self- Discovery
In my book I gently but firmly guide you back or deeper into this sun filled valley, this inner sanctuary which transforms people and lives. This knowledge that carries you out of unnecessary mental and emotional suffering and into a more peaceful mindset, that allows you to smile, laugh and live MORE. ...because you discover the power and truth of the now.

An Adventure into The Now
Everything we need is right now, right here in front of us. We do not need to wait, to reclaim our birthright. We came into this world illuminated and that is what we are and that is what and how we shall leave. To understand this is to know that all humans whatever their, problems, personality or situation in life, are made of the same essence. Like everything else in this universe we are made of the same stuff - energy. Knowing this beyond thinking about it, is the true meaning of compassion and love.

 Discover Simplicity
Nothing gives me more pleasure that to see a person discover there inner world. The power within them, the magnificence and clarity that can be experienced just by choosing to honor silence and step into stillness. When they allow themselves to return to the truth and rest there basking in the simplicity. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Determination a Powerful Resource.

Is what I needed, in abundance, to be able to now share the joy of finishing my first book, "A Rebel's Guide to Inner Peace".....Live the Moment.  Determination has become a highly underestimated human resource. How determined are you to keep going to achieve your greatest goals? Are you tired and feeling exhausted and uninspired on your chosen path? Whether you are trying to loose weight, improve your relationships, reach new financial goals, lots of determination will be needed to succeed.

How do we stay focused?
By looking within us and digging deep to find the gold nuggets! By reprograming our minds and by changing our limited perspectives. Where can you get the discipline to do all this? The best way I ever found was by having a mentor and teacher. My teachers taught me how to be tenacious in the face of challenges and set backs. It all lies in your ability to stay inspired and motivated. Invest time into your personal development, do things differently..starting right now.

Staying motivated
There is a simple secret to this, truth is always simple! When you make it all about the journey and not the destination, you will be able to keep the fire to succeed fueled with the right thoughts, feelings and actions. Motivation can come from many sources. You could even positively transform your negative emotions like anger, rage and even deep sadness into steely determination, that you can use to propel you onto the the next step on your path.
Contemplate this, for a moment...

Transform Negative Emotions
Determination and perseverance are characteristics well worth developing, as they often make the small difference between those who fail and those who succeed. Have you ever considered using your negative emotions to enhance you willingness to keep going and never give up? I love doing this! The good thing about this method is there is never a short supply of negativity! ;-) To channel into something more positive.

Intense negative emotions are great to transform into something that will benefit you rather than defeat you. So the next time you are feeling really angry, really worked up about something, really sad, put that energy into whatever goals you are trying to achieve. Remember to enjoy the dream achieving process as success is merely the progressive realization of a worth while dream.

Act Now
Go to the gym and work with that emotion, you will be slimmer in no time! Where you are looking to improve the relationship, plan something nice and surprising for that person. Where you are looking to achieve more, have a fresh look at your dream project/goals and take the next step, however small that step maybe! Act now because the time is always now.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Follow Your Joy, it is NOT that complicated.

                                                                Live the Moment
Being in the now is what happens when you realize a simple truth, this moment is the only thing we really have. The past is gone, we can’t change it in any way. The future is just that, the future! No point to try to deal with it now. And no amount of worrying about it will ever change the fact that we just don’t know what the future will bring. That leaves us here. A wise place to BE.

Follow Your Joy
The power of joy is clearly underestimated in this world. Have you also allowed yours to slip away! When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel fantastic!? Happy and content ,for no reason what so ever, other than the fact that you are alive. I hope you will give yourself permission to start accessing those feelings right now. Go on you know you want to!

Find What Makes You Happy
I learnt to have a great respect for this kind of internal joy, that needed nothing or no one to exist! And when I was out of the actual act of meditation I noticed joy stuck around as long as I did things that supported my pursuit of happiness!  Follow your joy, do things that make you happier, notice I did not say do things that you like! Because what we like doesn’t always make us happier!

Look Within
We spend much of our time looking outward. Thinking that if we just fix this we will feel better or if we just change that we will be happier, or if we just get that dream job things will be perfect! The trouble is true contentment has nothing to do with what we have or don't have. It is more to do with where you put your focus.

Find Mangoes in a Banana Tree?
Looking outside us for peace and happiness is like trying to find mangoes in a banana tree. Or going into a deep underground cave to find the sun. Real contentment is an inner thing, which has NOTHING to do with the dramas and ups and downs of the roller coaster ride we call LIFE.

Expand Your Joy
When you accept the good in you, the peace in you, the light in you is far greater than the I, the me, the ego. 
THAT’S when you start to live in freedom and can free yourself from the unnecessary suffering that comes from the delusion of the I.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Resolving conflicts gracefully.

How Do We Resolve Conflict?

It is a very good question indeed! With diversity of cultures and experiences becoming so rich in the workplace and social environment it is a question worth exploring. Whether we like it or not these days we really need to learn skills that help us to navigate waters when conversation takes an unfortunate turn

Do you hate arguments?

Learning these skills could help you at work, in social settings or with your family, yet how many of us are even willing to admit that it is worth the effort to learn these kind of skills? We seem to dislike arguments and conflict so much that we just think they should not happen at all, but is that not a little naive? It is something to aspire to that is for sure but what can we do when it happens.

It takes two to tango

How can we navigate ourselves gracefully through these uncomfortable circumstances and experiences? What can we do to take responsibility for our involvement in the conflict? You may want to start with something simple to empower yourself in these situations. "Do not be so surprised when it happens." You are a human and not a robot. The joy in that being, that we can develop our emotional intelligence!

Accepting Conflict as Human Nature?

Clearly non of us want to spend our time fighting and arguing with other people. Yet pretending like everything is hunky-dory just to keep the peace can also have negative effects. If we can accept that people will have different opinions and view points, not matter how different or distasteful their opinions may appear to us, this would already put us in a more open state of mind to resolve the conflict as swiftly as possible.

Embracing Diversity

Is it really easier said than done? With self awareness and belief we can achieve and do just about anything we set our mind to. If you accept that others have the right to their opinions, however odd they maybe. It will be easier to accept them and also much easier to deal with a conflict of opinion when one arises.

We do not need to agree to be agreeable

I will be putting into effect a little experiment with myself. Consciously choosing to gather as many different opinions on as many of the subjects that are very important to me. And seeing if i can stay agreeable in the face of disagreement. Yes it is frustrating and even somewhat annoying when we don't always find ourselves agreeing with what other people have to say. Yet having said that this is also 2013 and everyone has an opinion on everything so we better just get used to it and it might actually catapult us into a new level of communication! 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Facing New Challenges?

Worrying will not help you
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. There is just something wonderfully simplistic and totally doable in this concept. It just makes me smile. Worry has never been a problem solver, it may even contribute to the challenge when left to run wild and free. How to stop it in its gleeful but destructive path?  

Reframing is a great and simple way to stop worrying. If you are worried about something like getting fired. Try reframing it into this, new doors are opening. When a new door opens it makes us sit up in curiosity and pay attention. It makes us more open and present in the moment. It perhaps even adds excitement and flavor to an otherwise mundane and predictable existence. 

Embrace the journey
Every moment of living is a gift. Whatever happens, try to make it about the journey, the adventure and the game of life. NOT about the end goal. Every moment holds its own special experience, waiting for you to inhale wholeheartedly. Experiences you can shape and define by discovering your immense inner potential and power.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Be Yourself, peace is easy when you know where to look.

One deadly misconception that limits many in the Eastern and Western spiritual scene, whether it is new age philosophies or religious philosophies, is the idea that it is very difficult to know true freedom from our negative feelings, beliefs, desires and emotions. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Another area that leaves many seekers stuck or want-to-be seekers put off, is the confusion and lack of clarity around what role the teacher has in helping them realize this freedom from personal suffering. Whether you consider your teacher to be Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Buddha, Osho, Papaji, John Doe or your local minister combined with any of the above, you would be wise to know exactly what role they should be playing in your quest for inner peace and daily happiness. So you can truly grow and not be limited by them or their followers in any way.

We all have the potential to be empowered, to wake up and to be enlightened, because it is our birthright. It is not something special, elite and unreachable, bestowed upon a chosen few. This is just another shameful misdirection to keep control and manipulate you into being a follower, rather than blossoming into a powerful leader.  Remember leading is not just about leading other people - it's just as much about leading yourself. Leading yourself out of a life of unawareness, dishonesty and negativity, into a life of self-awareness, integrity and positivity. Do this and you will become a great inspiration to every one around you.

Do not let the achievements of others distract you or make you believe that happiness and real greatness is an impossible goal for you to reach out for, or that you could never attain profound peace in your daily life while living an ordinary and simple life. We don’t all need to become a Mother Teresa or a Dalai Lama to greatly affect the world and inspire the people around us. I come from the "keep it simple" school of philosophy and aspire to this; to bring the best attitude to each day, to each moment. To give my full heart to everything that I do, even the simple mundane tasks of life can be performed with the greatest care, heart and attention to detail. That’s what makes your life become a continuous meditation, a dance with divinity, a sacred pilgrimage.

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Gift of Life

Be the best you can be in the here and now, and fully embrace the gift we take for granted - life itself. Without life and a body to experience the world through, is there really any point to all this madness and chaos life can appear to be? Without life itself, that house you worked your butt off to pay for, may just as well be a sandcastle on the beach. Without life itself the bachelor’s degree that you gave up every pleasure to achieve may just as well be used as fancy wallpaper.

What am I trying to say here? Do everything you love and enjoy doing for the sheer joy of giving your best to everything you do. Live with passion and intensity and do not lose your joy of living for more material possessions. Do not lose your ability to laugh, be playful, kind, and feel deep contentment just to own a house in a “dream world.” Receive life with open arms and full awareness of each new moment as it is happening and unfolding. Have the courage to do only that, which brings joy to your heart. In this way, you can be an inspiration to others.

Do not underestimate the importance of your positive attitude, high spirits and enthusiasm to live. It is worth more than any amount of money. Ask your friends and family if you don't believe me, or better still ask yourself. Find a path that will allow you to have it all; financial security, success and happiness because you love what you do. Remember you can greatly influence your outer reality by what you think and believe is possible. Wake up to the now. Wake up from the dream of time and start living in the now. You will be relieved and empowered.

Each day you have to breathe, you can create something special, joyful and loving around you. It does not matter how poor or rich you are, this moment, like death, doesn't care about that. It offers empowerment to all those who seek its truth. Allow this truth to become a fire in your life that burns away all illusions of time. Being in the now is freedom from the suffering of the past and also freedom from the fear and uncertainty of the future, which of cause may never come.

The more people that could wake up to the power of the now, the more love, compassion and acceptance we would start manifesting into this amazingly beautiful, dreamy and magically crazy world of ours.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is a great read that tells you a lot about how you can use thinking to do, be and achieve what ever your heart desires. The concept is that belief can shift, change and alter reality. Creating miracles through perseverance and a determination that comes from mental prowess and cultivating a winning attitude. The phenomenon of positive thinking is not a new concept and yet implementing its power into our daily lives is still a foreign concept to most mere mortals!

How can we become better at positive thinking? How can we easily shift our focus on the positive? The answer is very simple, focus on how you feel. Try to keep adjusting your focus so you feel good in this moment. When you feel good, you will naturally have more positive thoughts.

There are really only two ways to feel in the now, varying levels of good( great, awesome and off the Richter scale amazing!! and so on) and varying degrees of bad ( sad, worried, depressed and so on) How we feel choose to feel is totally in our hands. Where you put your focus now, will greatly affect how you feel.

Focus on all the good things in your life and you will feel better. Train yourself to feel good in the now and you will automatically become a more positive thinker and therefore increase your ability to use your most powerful instrument(your brain) more effectively.

We freely and happily invest in food, clothing and grooming and yet when it comes to investing time into our spiritual and emotional well-being we are suddenly too busy or find other excuses. The funniest excuse being I don't need to do that! All your efforts towards success will fail when your head is constantly taking you full speed down negative lane, so investing in your internal  wellbeing will give you access to a powerful ability to manifest your desires and live a truly joyful life.

Clarity of mind is important and comes from knowing how to take charge of your inner mental and emotional dialogue. Meditation is undoubtedly one of the most effective (and dare I say fun and easiest!!) ways to take charge of your mind because you are working with the most natural and powerful cure, "silence". Silence is to the soul what water is to the body, expose yourself to it and feeling good in the now will become your natural state in daily life. 
Invest in your well-being and thrive.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Women's Talk: a great blog from Tulia Lopes

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Brain Can Be Trained in Compassion, Study Shows

Brain Can Be Trained in Compassion, Study Shows

A new study by researchers at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that adults can be trained to be more compassionate. The report, published Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, investigates whether training adults in compassion can result in greater altruistic behavior and related changes in neural systems underlying compassion.
"Our fundamental question was, 'Can compassion be trained and learned in adults? Can we become more caring if we practice that mindset?'" says Helen Weng, lead author of the study and a graduate student in clinical psychology. "Our evidence points to yes."
In the study, the investigators trained young adults to engage in compassion meditation, an ancient Buddhist technique to increase caring feelings for people who are suffering. In the meditation, participants envisioned a time when someone has suffered and then practiced wishing that his or her suffering was relieved. They repeated phrases to help them focus on compassion such as, "May you be free from suffering. May you have joy and ease."
Participants practiced with different categories of people, first starting with a loved one, someone whom they easily felt compassion for, like a friend or family member. Then, they practiced compassion for themselves and, then, a stranger. Finally, they practiced compassion for someone they actively had conflict with called the "difficult person," such as a troublesome coworker or roommate.
"It's kind of like weight training," Weng says. "Using this systematic approach, we found that people can actually build up their compassion 'muscle' and respond to others' suffering with care and a desire to help."
Compassion training was compared to a control group that learned cognitive reappraisal, a technique where people learn to reframe their thoughts to feel less negative. Both groups listened to guided audio instructions over the Internet for 30 minutes per day for two weeks. "We wanted to investigate whether people could begin to change their emotional habits in a relatively short period of time," says Weng.
The real test of whether compassion could be trained was to see if people would be willing to be more altruistic -- even helping people they had never met. The research tested this by asking the participants to play a game in which they were given the opportunity to spend their own money to respond to someone in need (called the "Redistribution Game"). They played the game over the Internet with two anonymous players, the "Dictator" and the "Victim." They watched as the Dictator shared an unfair amount of money (only $1 out of $10) with the Victim. They then decided how much of their own money to spend (out of $5) in order to equalize the unfair split and redistribute funds from the Dictator to the Victim.
"We found that people trained in compassion were more likely to spend their own money altruistically to help someone who was treated unfairly than those who were trained in cognitive reappraisal," Weng says.
"We wanted to see what changed inside the brains of people who gave more to someone in need. How are they responding to suffering differently now?" asks Weng. The study measured changes in brain responses using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) before and after training. In the MRI scanner, participants viewed images depicting human suffering, such as a crying child or a burn victim, and generated feelings of compassion towards the people using their practiced skills. The control group was exposed to the same images, and asked to recast them in a more positive light as in reappraisal.
The researchers measured how much brain activity had changed from the beginning to the end of the training, and found that the people who were the most altruistic after compassion training were the ones who showed the most brain changes when viewing human suffering. They found that activity was increased in the inferior parietal cortex, a region involved in empathy and understanding others. Compassion training also increased activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the extent to which it communicated with the nucleus accumbens, brain regions involved in emotion regulation and positive emotions.
"People seem to become more sensitive to other people's suffering, but this is challenging emotionally. They learn to regulate their emotions so that they approach people's suffering with caring and wanting to help rather than turning away," explains Weng.
Compassion, like physical and academic skills, appears to be something that is not fixed, but rather can be enhanced with training and practice. "The fact that alterations in brain function were observed after just a total of seven hours of training is remarkable," explains UW-Madison psychology and psychiatry professor Richard J. Davidson, founder and chair of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and senior author of the article.
"There are many possible applications of this type of training," Davidson says. "Compassion and kindness training in schools can help children learn to be attuned to their own emotions as well as those of others, which may decrease bullying. Compassion training also may benefit people who have social challenges such as social anxiety or antisocial behavior."
Weng is also excited about how compassion training can help the general population. "We studied the effects of this training with healthy participants, which demonstrated that this can help the average person. I would love for more people to access the training and try it for a week or two -- what changes do they see in their own lives?"
Both compassion and reappraisal trainings are available on the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds' website. "I think we are only scratching the surface of how compassion can transform people's lives," says Weng.
Other authors on the paper were Andrew S. Fox, Alexander J. Shackman, Diane E. Stodola, Jessica Z. K. Caldwell, Matthew C. Olson, and Gregory M. Rogers.
The work was supported by funds from the National Institutes of Health; a Hertz Award to the UW-Madison Department of Psychology; the Fetzer Institute; The John Templeton Foundation; the Impact Foundation; the J. W. Kluge Foundation; the Mental Insight Foundation; the Mind and Life Institute; and gifts from Bryant Wanguard, Ralph Robinson, and Keith and Arlene Bronstein.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Free at Last

Freedom is relative and a very interesting thing to explore in-depth! Unless you are free of the mental limitations you put on yourself, other people and on what the world has to offer... real freedom is going to be impossible to truly experience.

How many people do you know who are feel stuck in certain relationships, jobs, studies, debts, home mortgages and all different kind of situations? How many people do you know that are even prisoners of their own beliefs? I could never earn that much money, this will never work out, I will never find a good enough partner? Wether it is the prison of your desires or the prison of your fears, both prisons should be avoided!

I heard a brilliant speech the other day from a Toastmaster friend of mine Manuel Gomez. ( He had been invited to speak in a prison and through that experienced he discovered that although he may not be locked behind real bars he need to release himself from the limiting prison of his mind and his own beliefs. An amazingly inspiring Prisoner had also spoken during his visit to the prison......the Prisoner spoke of a freedom that had nothing to do with keys, locks and chains. A freedom that was without limit or restraint.

The man shared how he needed the grey nightmare of the prison to realize the real prison was his mind and how in prison he had  found his real freedom. A freedom and peace that lies in all of us, waiting for us to reclaim it. Some of us need to be pushed to breaking point before we yield enough to discover it!! It's a freedom we all have tasted as we were born knowing the joys of that kind of freedom.

Realization is the first step to rediscovering this kind of freedom
and change is harder when we resist it. Unless you see that you are a prisoner you will never know what freedom feels like. I invite you to release yourself from beliefs that limit you, others and the world around you..... No dream should be too much, no heart too small, so person too stupid, release yourself and others from the prison of limited thinking, because when it comes to freedom, if you can think it ...chances are high you can achieve it.

Feel free to go outside the walls of what you believe is possible.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Take back your power!

Riding on waves of inner bliss and peace can directly affect our ability to create and draw great things into our lives? Yes it can, you don't have to believe me, it's the law of attraction theory! We get more of what we focus on.

Our brain is an antenna putting out a signal, that causes us to magnetically draw people and experiences in depending on what frequency we are putting out there.  

If we are being negative in our actions, emotions and thoughts then we are creating and putting out a frequency that will draw those kind of experiences to us!

Do the opposite, feel good, be and think positive and you are putting out a different frequency that will draw different experiences towards you. Easier said then done? No not really! It all depends on who you listen to. Most people do not want anyone telling them what to do, how to think or feel, even if what they are doing, thinking and feeling is not working for them! And therein lies the problem.

Do you block useful and valuable information from coming to you because you are too proud or skeptical? Do you know what you should be doing but feel powerless to do it? We all know that at some point in our lives we have answered yes to both questions. I love challenging myself and doing things that take me out of my comfort zone, I love receiving new information that challenges my beliefs and makes me reconsider my point of view. I love the change that comes when I change my attitude.

Being positive is a choice we make every moment. If you listen to and surround yourself with positive people, they will help you raise your game and empower you to feel inspired and motivated! if you are tired of always creating similar negative situations in your life, then seriously consider need to change the frequency you are vibrating on and putting out there.

You need to do things differently and start listening to people that empower and inspire you. The key to positive manifestation is s.i.m.p.l.e ;-) simple! Choose to focus on the positive, this will quickly change your mood, actions and thoughts. Putting you on a frequency that will start immediately attracting positive people and experiences into you daily life. Yes you have that much power to control and create the world around you! Try staying in a good mood whatever life throws at you and you will see the power that lies within you starting to work its magic in you life, in your now.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Inner Power is a Limitless Force

Who you are, is beyond gender and name, it is the energy that connects everything and exists in everything. It's the part of you that can never die.  You are always connected to it and can never be separated from it. You can only believe that you are separated from it through the mind and ego. We just need to become conscious of this connection to start benefiting from it in our daily lives.

We connect to the world, through the physical body and our thoughts. The body is like a cup holding this essence. There are many words that have been given to describe this essence such as love, God, Buddha Nature, chi, source, energy, light, soul or spirit. I don’t care what you prefer to call it, I will refer to it as energy or source. When you connect to this part of yourself, you will know a love that knows no limit, a joy that is independent of circumstance, an ability to be present in the now. It is like plugging into the centre of the earth for heat, there is a limitless supply of it, once you know how to tap into it.

Think of the great adventurers of the world and all the incredible things they do, like running a naked and barefoot marathon in the North Pole. These people perform feats that would normally kill an ordinary human being.  They are tapping into this powerful part of themselves that has limitless potential, energy and knowledge. We all have access to this energy, and we have tapped in and out of it many times in our own life, without consciously choosing to do so. At the moments when you felt invincible, powerful, overjoyed or bubbling with creativity or found yourself in the zone, your were connecting to that greater part of yourself. Meditation is the conscious choice to plug-in to that energy into that source.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

In the pursuit of Love

In our pursuit of Love there are some fundamental things to consider that can greatly help us on a daily basis. Unconditional love starts with loving the man/woman in the mirror, regardless of what's going on around you right now, how you look or how you feel about yourself or your life.

Love is something which springs forth from inside of us rather than something that is given to us by those around us. Others can give us their respect and kindness, but love is something shared rather than given. Here is where many suffer from love because they have over looked this enlightening interpretation of how love works.

We seek love from the outside when it is in fact a hidden gem waiting to be discovered within us. It is the very essence of who we are as humans. The thing that drives us to do wonderful things for each other and the world. I shudder when I see love being used to escape being accountable for the choices we are making.

Like staying in distructive relationships in the name of love or performing acts of horror in the name of love for our countries or what ever else we are passionate about. Love is a sacred river from which when we drink we are refreshed, revived and inspired and enlightened. When we dare to connect to the source of that river which is within us, it flows out into the world around us bringing life to the seeds we plant in other peoples hearts.

Love and happiness are intrinsically contented, so if we seek one we must also pursue knowledge and experience of the other. Unconditional love feels like no other because it goes beyond the limits that we assume love has. Love is as limited or expansive as we choose it to be, because ultimately what we believe about anything is what will ultimately prevail.

Our beliefs cultivate our way of living and defining what is possible and what is not. I have come to believe through my personal experience with love, that there is absolutely no down side to or limit to Love. It will in fact empower you immensely when you choose to fully surrender yourself to it, become it and share it with fearless regard with out needing a reason or provocation to do so! Fear to love too much arises only when we believe it is something we recieve from others and can therefore be lost, rather than something shared with others from that fearless place within.

From this place love can never be lost or taken away from you, also it is not so much something you give away, but rather something you become, something you are and something you embody and radiate through the conscious choice to do so!

Friday, 1 March 2013

More info on scientific experiments

Meditation is like a wonder drug without undesirable side effects. Research shows it can reverse DNA damage, improve brain structure, drop heart disease risk, boost immunity, increase energy and reduce inflammation. A meditative mind may instill immensely improved health. Regular Meditation Over the years, published research has demonstrated that the practice of regular meditation can increase brain density, boost connections between neurons, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, provide clarity of thought and increase positive mood endorphins. Other published studies have shown meditation can improve physical functioning, decrease chronic disease risks and enhance overall quality of life. These studies demonstrate that regular meditation effectively supports mental, emotional and physical health in numerous tangible ways. In building upon this strong body of evidence, researchers are continuing to deepen our understanding of the profound and inspirational benefits offered by regular meditation practice in everyday life. read more

More Scientific facts about meditation

Research on the processes and effects of meditation is a growing subfield of neurological research. Modern scientific techniques and instruments, such as fMRI and EEG, have been used to see what happens in the body of people when they meditate, and how their bodies and brain change after meditating regularly read more

Friday, 15 February 2013

Scientific facts about meditation

It truly is amazing What we are finding out about what happens in our brain and body when we meditate.

The benefits of meditation are well-acknowledged. Yet a scientific explanation of how it works has been conspicuously absent.
Brown University scientists may have helped to overcome this barrier as researchers propose a neurophysiological framework to explain the clinical benefits bestowed by meditation.

Scientists believe that mindfulness practitioners gain enhanced control over sensory cortical alpha rhythms that help regulate how the brain processes and filters sensations, including pain, and memories such as depressive thoughts.

The proposal, based on published experimental results and a validated computer simulation of neural networks, is based upon the intimate connection in mindfulness between mind and body. This approach is consistent with standardized meditation training that begins with a highly localized focus on body and breath sensations.

The repeated localized sensory focus enhances control over localized alpha rhythms in the part of the brain called the primary somatosensory cortex, where sensations from different body are “mapped,” said researchers.

In a paper found in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, researchers said that by learning to control their focus on the present somatic moment, meditators develop a more sensitive “volume knob” for controlling spatially specific, localized sensory cortical alpha rhythms.

Efficient modulation of cortical alpha rhythms in turn enables optimal filtering of sensory information. Meditators learn not only to control what specific body sensations they pay attention to, but also how to regulate attention so that it does not become biased toward negative physical sensations such as chronic pain.

The localized attentional control of somatosensory alpha rhythms becomes generalized to better regulate bias toward internally focused negative thoughts, as in depression.
“We think we’re the first group to propose an underlying neurophysiological mechanism that directly links the actual practice of mindful awareness of breath and body sensations to the kinds of cognitive and emotional benefits that mindfulness confers,” said lead author Catherine Kerr, Ph.D. READ MORE