Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Be Free Enough to Dance Dance Dance!


I have recently had a huge ah ha moment and realised that my body loves to dance! I need to dance almost as much as I need to breathe ;-)! I have been demanding yoga, jogging and other stuff from my body, when really all I needed to do was dance!

I will of course continue with yoga too as I think its unbeatable in keeping you flexible and strong. But the jogging will now be dance. I still love to be outside in nature, sucking in fresh air and beautiful sights, so look out for me dancing in the street.

Where I live, here is Switzerland, randomly dancing in the street is not an easy thing to do. You need to be courageous to just dance in broad day light! Why is this? Well the only people not following the rules of behaviour expected from them are either mad or about to go mad ;-))) Come to think of it, following the rules is a strong pull in most cultures. Some rules really need to be broken, and street dancing on your own is one of those rules! Don't you think?

Dancing like singing or painting is a powerful art form. Art allows us to be creative and go beyond the limits of the mind. beyond thinking you tap into a part of you that is pure playfulness and power. The way most people "think" leads them to feelings of limitation or shyness that is crippling and often debilitating.


Its important to never stop playing, thinking out of the box and expanding yourself beyond your comfort zone. The result is that you give other people permission to shine when you allow yourself to shine.

Some people think they can't dance, but for me dancing belongs to us all, it is a natural drug that lifts the spirit. Music brings dance into the body, and even if you are not going to be the next Michael Jackson music speaks to your body. And if you listen to your body you will feel the music in it. Let that music in your body be expressed as movement and you become living art.

The next time I think oh I should not dance here, its not appropriate! I am going to crank up the volume on my headset, close my eyes, and let my body start a conversation with the music. A conversation that is electric, sensual, light, therapeutic and frankly liberating on every single level of ones being and beyond! Because seriously when was the last time a happy dancer pissed you off? And if that has happened to you recently you might surely need to stop, breathe, smile for no reason and chillax BIG time ;-))))