Monday, 4 November 2013

Determination a Powerful Resource.

Is what I needed, in abundance, to be able to now share the joy of finishing my first book, "A Rebel's Guide to Inner Peace".....Live the Moment.  Determination has become a highly underestimated human resource. How determined are you to keep going to achieve your greatest goals? Are you tired and feeling exhausted and uninspired on your chosen path? Whether you are trying to loose weight, improve your relationships, reach new financial goals, lots of determination will be needed to succeed.

How do we stay focused?
By looking within us and digging deep to find the gold nuggets! By reprograming our minds and by changing our limited perspectives. Where can you get the discipline to do all this? The best way I ever found was by having a mentor and teacher. My teachers taught me how to be tenacious in the face of challenges and set backs. It all lies in your ability to stay inspired and motivated. Invest time into your personal development, do things differently..starting right now.

Staying motivated
There is a simple secret to this, truth is always simple! When you make it all about the journey and not the destination, you will be able to keep the fire to succeed fueled with the right thoughts, feelings and actions. Motivation can come from many sources. You could even positively transform your negative emotions like anger, rage and even deep sadness into steely determination, that you can use to propel you onto the the next step on your path.
Contemplate this, for a moment...

Transform Negative Emotions
Determination and perseverance are characteristics well worth developing, as they often make the small difference between those who fail and those who succeed. Have you ever considered using your negative emotions to enhance you willingness to keep going and never give up? I love doing this! The good thing about this method is there is never a short supply of negativity! ;-) To channel into something more positive.

Intense negative emotions are great to transform into something that will benefit you rather than defeat you. So the next time you are feeling really angry, really worked up about something, really sad, put that energy into whatever goals you are trying to achieve. Remember to enjoy the dream achieving process as success is merely the progressive realization of a worth while dream.

Act Now
Go to the gym and work with that emotion, you will be slimmer in no time! Where you are looking to improve the relationship, plan something nice and surprising for that person. Where you are looking to achieve more, have a fresh look at your dream project/goals and take the next step, however small that step maybe! Act now because the time is always now.