Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Know when to unplug

Know when to unplug

With the rising burnout, stress, physical and emotional  problems on the rise. Knowing when to stop and rethink, what and how you are doing things is paramount to keeping in top form. The signs are all there, you just have to listen. Your body is always trying to give to signals in the form of pain, tiredness, restlessness. The mind and emotional body also calls for your attention, in the form of angry outbursts, crying frequently for no real reason, finding it hard to relax, sleep or focus your mind on the task at hand.

Keep it real with yourself

The only person that can truly regulate when enough is enough, is you. And its best to do it before you run out of energy completely. With all kinds of pressure constantly coming down on our heads its easy to feel cornered and feel that you have no options but to push through and take yourself to the edge of breaking point. The problem is the edge maybe closer than you think, so extreme caution should be used, when your body starts reacting to the stress levels.

Take charge of yourself well-being with compassion

Talk to anyone who has ever had a break down, melt down, of mind and body, and you will understand that its better to stop before that happens! Nothing is worse than being unhealthy to the point where you can't function anymore in the way you want to. Some people have paid the price in physical illness and others  pay it in mental and emotional challenges. Either way

We are doing it to ourselves

Its important to realise that no one is holding a gun to our heads forcing us to ignore the alarm signs. People are busy with themselves and so waiting for someone else to notice you are stretching yourself thing is the first mistake many people make. We  think if we complain long enough or give visible signs of frustration or exhaustion, somebody else will have compassion on us and give us a break. As no one can feel what you are feeling or know what's truly going on in your head, no one is going to save you from yourself! Even if they tried you probably won't listen, as the listening is the problem.

 The Solution

If you are reading this and thinking this may be you, resolve to take a time out. Just make it happen. Lose the excuses, and find a way to create some time for yourself. We all need time for ourselves once in a while, to recharge, to reflect, to contemplate on the big questions and on what we are doing. Time to just do nothing, be in nature and space in. Time to retreat from taking care of others and do some taking care of yourself. It is not a weakness to feel that you want this and need this, a wise person listens to their body and emotions, to stay healthy. A happy energised and relaxed you means everything and everyone else in your life benefits and things will flow more smoothly and harmoniously.