Monday, 29 August 2016

Wake the Bleep Up!

Love is the way forward

Things happening in the world can make us feel the world is going to pot. But could it also be the exact opposite? Because of instant news and internet every injustice and horrible event is rubbed in our faces. Billions of people living normal lives, feel free to interpret "normal!" In this case I mean not going on mad killing rampages. So in other words there are more FAR MORE good people in the world who would not even dream of doing such a thing and yet we get to focus on those few that do. Thats the danger of the media because on one hand we want to be informed and on the other hand we are fed death, disruption, corruption and human decay and ugliness with each mouthful, as if its all there is. Until we are choking on it and can no longer breathe.

The World Needs Your Love

Look around you and see that what the world needs is your love, your kindness, your compassion. Wake up with a determination to enjoy the gift of life you have now which others have had taken away from them at the hands of these few scary individuals. These individuals that we have all contributed in creating. Because yes we are creators, creating reactions through our actions, words and thoughts. We create by ideas we support, ways we treat people and ways we treat ourselves.
If we have little love for ourselves how can we love others. How can we respect others when we suffer at our own hand, through negative self talk, hating how we look, judging our competence at every step of the way? When all we do is feel bad day after day, how can we expect a society of ONLY decent, balanced happy individuals? First we have to raise our vibration and live more joyfully, more playfully, more truly empowered and inspired, before we can point at others in contempt and horror.

Wake the Bleep Up!

I am not saying I condone these acts against humility in anyway form or shape, but I am saying WE all NEED the wake the Bleep Up ;-)) and BECOME, BE the change we want to see in the world. And use these moments to GROW and truly become the best, most loving and powerful versions of ourselves we can be NOW. So we can raise each other up and maybe even help those who need help, before they get to the point where they feel so unheard, unseen, unloved and uninspired that they resort to this kind of ugliness disgusting actions and madness.

Now maybe I am just wishing on a star, when I dream of societies that use love to heal the trauma, the hate the disconnect and the violence. It starts with you and me being willing to BE the LOVE and spread it to all the people we meet. Strangers, family members, work colleagues, friends and foe. They are all equally as important in getting the best of YOU. Treat yourself with the highest honour, kindness, love and respect and let that spread to all those around you, limitlessly and freely. Give kindness to each other and seek connection instead of isolation and separation, together we can do anything!! We sent a man to the moon people! Yeah a bit random I agree lol! But you get my point.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Women Power

I finally figured out how to really enjoy women. Get them in high heels, tight dresses  Lol! I am just kidding. I had an all women birthday celebration and it was more like drunk on love and inner beauty. Deep gazing into eyes that were full of compassion, passion and hope. So much talent and inspiration to share, we would have needed a whole weekend. That gives me the idea for my next birthday party! 

Nothing really disturbs me so much any more, because I have these amazing woman by my side, walking the path of inner peace and joy together. I used to feel lonely on this road, but all that changed when I decide to stop playing small and dimming my light. I felt this roar in the very deepest part of my being to breakout of ALL limiting relationships. Relationships that made me feel even lonelier.

Communicate with the greatness in you

The secret is vulnerability, and fearless communications. Sometimes its easier to hide away from what we really feel and what we really want to say. the problem is that we block the other stuff too. The compliments, the pouring out of sweetness, the lifting up and holding in love. For that stuff to flow out of us we need to open up the line of real seeing and hearing.  REAL vulnerability.

Do you have girlfriends who have hurt you and you have said nothing? Or are you angry with one who you feel misunderstood something? Make the effort to clear up all this stuff so that whenever you meet all that is shared is this deep respect, appreciation and joy to be in the presences of a goddess. Because in the end when we come from our greatness and live our genius it is the greatest and most exquisite thing to experience.

I invite you, women, to shine your light brighter than EVER and lift your head up to the sky and smile in gratitude for all the amazing woman you know..and keep reminding each other of how awesome and wonderful we are...together we are powerful and can do anything we set our heart and mind to.