Monday, 20 January 2014

Compassion is About Opening Your Eyes

Compassion is About Opening Your Eyes to the Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture
What is the bigger picture, and how do we stay focused on it? The bigger picture view point is all about being able to see through time and space and not just what is in front of you at any given moment. Most of us see our lives and what is happening to us, as if it is separate from the world and everything else that is going on.

The Truth
The truth is that we are not separate from everything thats going on. We are intrinsically and deeply connected to the world around us. It may sound a bit like something from a sic-fi movie, but science is confirming what spiritual gurus and yogis have been saying for centuries.

We are One
The problem we have is that most of us can't feel or see this "one connection" and that is why we have a hard time buying into its existence in the first place. Also owning up to this deep connection to everything around us, would mean that we can no longer blame everybody else for our problems.

Living the Truth
It would mean that we need to take full responsibility for how we contribute to everything that is going on around us, and even the stuff that is going on millions of miles away from us on the other side of the globe. We would have to consider how our actions, thoughts and beliefs contribute to the overall reality we call life on earth.

Contribute Now
Are we really doing everything we can to contribute to a better now, or are we waiting for someone else to do something to make our lives better and make the world better.  Its starts with the simple things like whether we recycle, or become more aware of how certain things like the food we eat, the furniture we buy, may affect the planet and the world more negatively than we previously realized.

Compassion is an Action
Being a more conscious and compassionate person should not be something we do to impress others, but something we do because we genuinely care for the wellbeing and happiness of all people around the world. Whether we like them, or agree with the culture or politics, real compassion goes beyond that and returns to the fact that we are all connected and everything we do, say or think has an effect on how the world is. Take action now, to develop a more profound view of your role in this world.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Develop the Power to Keep Getting Up

Develop The Power to Keep Getting Up
Deeply understand that whatever you wish to have, do or be, will come to you when you realize this ago old truth: most of the battle is won in your head and heart.
If you can believe it with a strong steely determination and use the hearts energy as fuel to keep the engine going, come what may. Then you will be well equipped to go after just about any dream you have. Be inspired by this TED talk . This lady is extraordinary and her story awesome!!!

Let the Battle Commence
And make no mistake about it, to achieve "extraordinary" you will have to wage war and claim your territory....mentally and emotionally. We are our own greatest enemy, and unless we develop the ability to fight for what we want and believe in, we will loose the joy of living. The battle against the negative thoughts and feelings that hold us back from going for it has to be taken on. How?

Get Fired up
We are going to need to get fired up, lit up, pumped up and tackle the journey with all guns blazing, metaphorically speaking of course! We will need to dig deep and not just once, but again and again and again. What makes it easier? Developing our ability to go the distance spiritually through shared support and guidance in matters of the heart and mind.

Skills Can Only Get You So far
It is wonderful to be skilled and to have strong talents you can draw from, but you cannot rely on these alone to go the distance and make the journey fun. For that you will need, spirit, humor, clarity and people who help you keep those levels high! We should never underestimate the importance of self preservation through building inner strength of character.

Empower Network
Even if you think, my life is perfect, I want nothing more than things to keep going on as they do now, I have all I would ever need to be happy. Even if you think all this you will still have wage the battle of the restless mind and the challenge of the human interaction, as no man is an island. And for that battle to be won you will need some mad inner skills, like a huge open loving heart, a crystal clear mind and a whole lot of patience!

Warrior within
So whatever you now reality maybe, invest in your spirit. Build your tolerance and cultivate the warrior within. Toughen up as you soften up. Become immune to self doubt and fear. Sharpen your conviction and fight the inner war clean and fair, using love and peace in the now as your weapons of mass destruction to annihilate any idea of ever giving up on those things that matter to you.