Monday, 29 August 2016

Wake the Bleep Up!

Love is the way forward

Things happening in the world can make us feel the world is going to pot. But could it also be the exact opposite? Because of instant news and internet every injustice and horrible event is rubbed in our faces. Billions of people living normal lives, feel free to interpret "normal!" In this case I mean not going on mad killing rampages. So in other words there are more FAR MORE good people in the world who would not even dream of doing such a thing and yet we get to focus on those few that do. Thats the danger of the media because on one hand we want to be informed and on the other hand we are fed death, disruption, corruption and human decay and ugliness with each mouthful, as if its all there is. Until we are choking on it and can no longer breathe.

The World Needs Your Love

Look around you and see that what the world needs is your love, your kindness, your compassion. Wake up with a determination to enjoy the gift of life you have now which others have had taken away from them at the hands of these few scary individuals. These individuals that we have all contributed in creating. Because yes we are creators, creating reactions through our actions, words and thoughts. We create by ideas we support, ways we treat people and ways we treat ourselves.
If we have little love for ourselves how can we love others. How can we respect others when we suffer at our own hand, through negative self talk, hating how we look, judging our competence at every step of the way? When all we do is feel bad day after day, how can we expect a society of ONLY decent, balanced happy individuals? First we have to raise our vibration and live more joyfully, more playfully, more truly empowered and inspired, before we can point at others in contempt and horror.

Wake the Bleep Up!

I am not saying I condone these acts against humility in anyway form or shape, but I am saying WE all NEED the wake the Bleep Up ;-)) and BECOME, BE the change we want to see in the world. And use these moments to GROW and truly become the best, most loving and powerful versions of ourselves we can be NOW. So we can raise each other up and maybe even help those who need help, before they get to the point where they feel so unheard, unseen, unloved and uninspired that they resort to this kind of ugliness disgusting actions and madness.

Now maybe I am just wishing on a star, when I dream of societies that use love to heal the trauma, the hate the disconnect and the violence. It starts with you and me being willing to BE the LOVE and spread it to all the people we meet. Strangers, family members, work colleagues, friends and foe. They are all equally as important in getting the best of YOU. Treat yourself with the highest honour, kindness, love and respect and let that spread to all those around you, limitlessly and freely. Give kindness to each other and seek connection instead of isolation and separation, together we can do anything!! We sent a man to the moon people! Yeah a bit random I agree lol! But you get my point.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Women Power

I finally figured out how to really enjoy women. Get them in high heels, tight dresses  Lol! I am just kidding. I had an all women birthday celebration and it was more like drunk on love and inner beauty. Deep gazing into eyes that were full of compassion, passion and hope. So much talent and inspiration to share, we would have needed a whole weekend. That gives me the idea for my next birthday party! 

Nothing really disturbs me so much any more, because I have these amazing woman by my side, walking the path of inner peace and joy together. I used to feel lonely on this road, but all that changed when I decide to stop playing small and dimming my light. I felt this roar in the very deepest part of my being to breakout of ALL limiting relationships. Relationships that made me feel even lonelier.

Communicate with the greatness in you

The secret is vulnerability, and fearless communications. Sometimes its easier to hide away from what we really feel and what we really want to say. the problem is that we block the other stuff too. The compliments, the pouring out of sweetness, the lifting up and holding in love. For that stuff to flow out of us we need to open up the line of real seeing and hearing.  REAL vulnerability.

Do you have girlfriends who have hurt you and you have said nothing? Or are you angry with one who you feel misunderstood something? Make the effort to clear up all this stuff so that whenever you meet all that is shared is this deep respect, appreciation and joy to be in the presences of a goddess. Because in the end when we come from our greatness and live our genius it is the greatest and most exquisite thing to experience.

I invite you, women, to shine your light brighter than EVER and lift your head up to the sky and smile in gratitude for all the amazing woman you know..and keep reminding each other of how awesome and wonderful we are...together we are powerful and can do anything we set our heart and mind to.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Stop Kidding Yourself!

Recently I have had to eat a huge slice of humble pie! Which is always a good thing lol! Because it is what will take you faster to the next level of growth and success. We can get very good at hiding from ourselves until life pulls back the sheets or shines a huge spot light on our zits!  In my case I created this AMAZING mastermind group of Awesome and powerful woman. We meet once a month and give each other powerful life changing and life affirming feedback on life, business, relationships and personal development issues.

We raise each other up. We give truck loads of love and support and praise. We also give honest and constructive feedback which sometimes hits a nerve, because maybe its something we don't want to look at! Or its something we don't want to deal These are the very things that will make us grow fast, and allow us to shed believes or ideas that no longer serve us in the creation of our dreams and aspirations. The things we shy away from, the shame, the guilt, the embarrassment that we don't want others to know we feel...that we don't even want to reveal to ourselves.

Making Mistakes
Its okay to make mistakes, to fall down or to look clumsy, or silly, or even a little stupid to those watching from the comfort zone. Thats what could happen when you are going after your real dreams. Dream building, seeking and achieving is not for the faint hearted! You need to be brave, you need to be determined and most of all you need to be clear, about the dream and the why?! What would you need to do right now to go after your deepest and most scary but  most honest dreams. How uncomfortable (for a while) do you think you might have to feel to truly breakthrough the voices in your head, that tell you that dreams too big, you are not good enough, you will never achieve that, why not just forget the whole thing and just stay and hide under the sheets?  

Comfortable Out of The Comfort Zone
Being comfortable out of the comfort zone is a powerful place to live from, and can lead to big gains.  Society does not teach you this. You are easier to control when you are scared and fearful of your own shadow. Fear is one of the main energies we need to master and that is constantly thrown in our faces in the media. Stop reading the news paper or watching the news everyday. Instead spend that time educating yourself on positive, happier living by listening to recordings, watching videos or meditating, writing in your journal, dreaming and acting upon those dreams.

Many people end up giving up, because they don't have the support of other like minded people. People who are also living out of their comfort zone and aspiring to live each day with as much honesty and self respect to their fullest potential. At the end whatever you may hope for in the future, can only be created by what you are doing right now. What makes me happy is knowing that however things may turnout in the future, I am living, loving and laughing now, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the blessed life I have had and I am having. I endeavour  to bring the best me to the table each day.  Meditation allows you connect to the part of you that is free from all feelings of limitation and fear. Its not an escape from reality, but rather an awakening to the truth. We are not just victims of our circumstance, we are co creating by what we choice to belief, feel, think and do.  

Monday, 24 August 2015

People can make or break us???

The trippy summer is slowly winding to a close, and soon we will have to welcome the Autumn. Its time to take stock of all the lessons learned. Due to an intense renovation project on our new apartment, I found myself homeless. Its during such times that you realise the difference between people you know and real friends. It made me truly cherish and feel happy to know some awesome and amazing people.

I got to realise that its all about sharing wonderful moments with people that inspire you, lift you up, tell you your awesome (when you need reminding) and know how to laugh a lot ..... and cry too, if thats what is need! People are at the centre of all my dreams and goals, because really without great relations, what can we really achieve?

In every aspect of our lives the difference between success and failure will depend on the quality of our relations, the quality of the people we say yes to in business and private life. People can be the reason that you don't sleep well at night and they can also be the reason that you don't want to wake up in the morning  ;-))) I am not saying our destiny lies in other people hands, but rather in our ability to nurture and cultivate extraordinary relationships, that make us access our true greatness.

When we were young we knew how to fill each others hearts with delight. We were not afraid to love deeply and with great enthusiasm and purity. Our happiness to be together knew no limits or boundaries. If we fought we knew how to quickly kiss and make up! Can we find again that inner child who's wisdom was simple yet powerful and beautiful.

Lets stop to take stock of what we truly want and deserve from our relationships, and lets be brave enough to lead by example. Take this end of summer as a new beginning. People matter and its time to stop ignoring this fact, and work seriously on your relationships, they are the key to your success in every area of your life!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kick in The Gut, Ouch!

Kick in the gut, ouch!
Do you know this experience? Not literally I hope! The experience when something weird/uncomfortable  happens with someone, or some people, and you just were not expecting it! Some of these situations, that happen to us, looking back we can say, yep I am not so surprised, I saw that one coming. But then there are those situations that just take you by surprise and in doing so hit bellow the belt! Leaving you feeling more than a little bamboozled 

What Happened?

I recently received one of these situations, one of my clients told me what he really thought about me! I had only good memories of all our encounters together and I had seen this person go from strength to strength transforming themselves and their reality. So I was not really prepared for some of his comments which I received in an SMS. Has this ever happened to you? That feeling of being blindsided and surprised? Your expectations of that person were totally somewhere else.....

What did I do?
I called my friends, I asked for help, I reached out and exposed myself, my anger, my hurt, my embarrassment, my shame, my vulnerability, my bamboozlement!! I dived into all of these with full gusto and just allowed the range of emotions to rage like a fire in me and then burnout, until even the coals stopped glowing and only the ashes of my ego remained. What also remained was the knowledge that this is probably not the last time life will throw me a fast ball I was just not prepared for, but for the next one I will just be just that little stronger, just that little bit wiser and just that little bit less fragile.

Ask for Help - Do not Be Too Proud 
I am surrounding myself with amazing people! I am more and more amazed at the gifts, knowledge and  the blessings these people are offering to enrich my daily life. Its like having a net that catches you when you fall from a tight rope! Some moments in life can feel like a tight rope walk high up in the clouds ;-)) Because even my worst moments are still blessed ones compared to millions of people in this world! Surround yourself with people that expand you, love you, adore you, praise, hear you and firmly challenge you to be the best version of yourself you can be. People who shine and want you to shine, people who work hard and make you raise your game. People who know how to laugh  and have fun, no matter whats going on, because they are committed to live the moment and be grateful in it.

The Lessons learned are priceless

The thing is that what these situations reveal about us is fascinating. We get to stretch our spiritual  and emotional muscles and we are forced to grow up! I wanted to strike back, I wanted to be big enough to  just ignore it, I wanted to..I wanted to..I wanted to scream, and finally I just needed to cry. I have learned to stop being so protective about negative criticism, in doing so we give power to those words and moving forward becomes difficult, moving to forgiveness and compassion becomes challenging. What is the worst thing anyone could say to you? Imagine it has been said. You will still live, you will still be, you will still love and give. You will still shine and laugh. Practice being unstoppable, by having nothing to prove, nothing to protect, nothing to hide, nothing to defend! Thanks Lisa Nichols from motivating the masses for these wonderful empowering pearls of wisdom.  

Escape into the beauty of Switzerland and find your inner beauty, your inner light. The part of you that is limitless potential and infinite love and compassion. Time to just be and let go of all of it!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hot Summer Dreams!


What plans do you have for this summer? What dreams do you want to manifest and how can you go about making those dreams into reality? These days manifestation guru's all talk about the importance of action, action, action! Its the key ingredient to becoming a  manifestation queen or king. Here are three helpful things to consider when you are ready to become an epic dream maker.

1. Get Rid of Your Limitations  

Write it down on paper. When you write with a pen on paper you activate the creative part of your brain. Writing is a powerful tool that we must never replace with digital technology. Writing gets you in touch with your imagination and allows you to let go and get out of the box. What about thinking big? Be aware that the best way to train yourself to becoming an epic dream maker is by setting yourself up to win.

This does not mean don't think big, It just means break the big dream into bitesize chunks and start chewing on that first bite. I have the big dream of wanting to support many many people globally to find their inner strength, peace and clarity.  I would love to take the power of meditation into new  places it may not have gone yet. Like what about taking meditation into an african slum and seeing what happens when we unlock inner peace in individuals, in a place where even the most basic human comforts are not available?

In our limitations we sometimes underestimate the potential transformative effect, of empowering human beings with this kind of powerful inner wisdom. So what are the next steps I need to take, that will  take me in the direction of accomplishing my big dream? I already have a plan for this summer and know exactly what I would like to have done by the end of the summer. My plan is totally doable, therefore failure is not an option. I have set myself up to win and being a winner keeps your spirits and passion high. Set your goals in such a way that you think, I am a winner! 

2. Read it, Repeat it and Edit it

Its important to keep polishing the dream, revising it, revisiting it and redefining it.  Get it down to a one liner. The more you think about it, the more real it becomes and thats when the real magic starts happening. Don't get stuck in the how. How am I going to accomplish this? rather stay on the why? Why do you want this, why are you doing this?  why does this matter to you. The why is your fuel. When you keep connected to the why you will never run out of passion and determination.

My why is clear. I LOVE helping people find inner peace. There is nothing more beautiful in this world to me than seeing people get empowered. When they discover their inner light and beauty they transform themselves and in doing so they bring more light, love, happiness and peace into the world. I can wake up to this why and feel inspired, regardless of where on the journey I am, or how big the challenge seems at times. My why makes every part of the journey fulfilling.

3. Cultivate a Determination Mindset

Determination is a quality you want to nurture in order to become a powerful dream maker. Think of the process of making a baby. It needs time for the baby to grow in the mothers belly. Your thoughts need time to manifest into the real world. Don't be too quick to give up and also don't keep changing your mind. Take time to get really clear, by finding out who you really are in the core. Create dreams that make you shine, feel good and that create deep contentment in your life. 

However don't be afraid to fail and try different things in order to get to that core, just make sure you give each thing a real and sincere effort once you start it. Even when you do find that thing that you love and want, thats just the beginning of the journey and not the end. The work never ends on the journey of self growth, the good thing is it all does get easier. Meaning that with each passing moment you are getting stronger, wiser and more in balance.

WHEN: Thursday, June 4 2015
TOPIC: Being Happy Now is Easy
TIME: 11 am CET/Switzerland
“How can I be happy every day in a world that is so negative and challenging?”
Mahima will share clear and down to earth spiritual guidance and action steps you can take to discover that “ Being Happy Now is Easy” 
She will also share a brief but powerful guided meditationto help you connect to yourself on a profound level.
By the end of this call you will feel, from the very deepest part of your being, that you NOW truly understand and know how to BE inner peace and bring happiness into your daily life
1. Happiness is your purpose
Discover a happiness that is not depended on any outside circumstances, events, situations or people
2. Lean into positivity
Know what makes you expand and make time and space for those things in your daily life
3. Stand in your Power

Clarity about who you are on a spiritual level and material level are the keys to the kingdom of happiness

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Be Free Enough to Dance Dance Dance!


I have recently had a huge ah ha moment and realised that my body loves to dance! I need to dance almost as much as I need to breathe ;-)! I have been demanding yoga, jogging and other stuff from my body, when really all I needed to do was dance!

I will of course continue with yoga too as I think its unbeatable in keeping you flexible and strong. But the jogging will now be dance. I still love to be outside in nature, sucking in fresh air and beautiful sights, so look out for me dancing in the street.

Where I live, here is Switzerland, randomly dancing in the street is not an easy thing to do. You need to be courageous to just dance in broad day light! Why is this? Well the only people not following the rules of behaviour expected from them are either mad or about to go mad ;-))) Come to think of it, following the rules is a strong pull in most cultures. Some rules really need to be broken, and street dancing on your own is one of those rules! Don't you think?

Dancing like singing or painting is a powerful art form. Art allows us to be creative and go beyond the limits of the mind. beyond thinking you tap into a part of you that is pure playfulness and power. The way most people "think" leads them to feelings of limitation or shyness that is crippling and often debilitating.


Its important to never stop playing, thinking out of the box and expanding yourself beyond your comfort zone. The result is that you give other people permission to shine when you allow yourself to shine.

Some people think they can't dance, but for me dancing belongs to us all, it is a natural drug that lifts the spirit. Music brings dance into the body, and even if you are not going to be the next Michael Jackson music speaks to your body. And if you listen to your body you will feel the music in it. Let that music in your body be expressed as movement and you become living art.

The next time I think oh I should not dance here, its not appropriate! I am going to crank up the volume on my headset, close my eyes, and let my body start a conversation with the music. A conversation that is electric, sensual, light, therapeutic and frankly liberating on every single level of ones being and beyond! Because seriously when was the last time a happy dancer pissed you off? And if that has happened to you recently you might surely need to stop, breathe, smile for no reason and chillax BIG time ;-))))