Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Do you believe in God?

I was reading through some wonderful wise words of my First teacher and found this lovely story, that speaks directly to the heart of understanding the nature of our beliefs and our belief in God.
   Once Sri Raman, one of the great seers of this age, was asked by a journalist coming from the West,     "Do you believe in God?"
   Sri Raman said, "No."
   The man was shocked. He had heard that this man has realized God, and now
   he says he does not believe in God! He repeated the question. He said,
   "Have you heard me rightly? I am asking, "Do you believe in God?"

   Raman said, "I have heard it. Do you understand what I have said? I don't believe in God, because I know. There is no need of belief. I know the whole existence is divine. There is no personal God anywhere. Every part of this universe is divine. I know it, there is no question of believing." Beliefs are to distract people from discovering the beauty, the grandeur, the splendor, the divinity of existence.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Where can we find happiness?

After  a divorce many many years ago left me feeling weak, sad and lacking in confidence. This all changed when life led me to a powerful teacher who helped me to experience an inner state of being that was totally separate and independent of the realities and experiences of my physical body!

I discovered this, when you turn your focus inward and connect to something greater than the ego of the I, a great weight is lifted off ones shoulders and the ability to choose happiness as a way of life becomes so much easier. I believe you get more of what you focus on. Focus on connecting to inner peace and a wonderful way of being, living, loving becomes available to you. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Master the MInd

Where do you think negativity comes from?

I see that a lot of negativity comes from my mind. Through my thinking and feeling and the choices I make I can increase or decrease the amount of negative energy I am engaging in. By holding on to thoughts and feelings that do not serve the bigger picture of unconditional love, being in the now AND being okay with what IS.

Everything comes from the same source. Everything is part of the energetic oneness that connects everything. Like the sun and the darkness, like birth and death, like positive and negative its all arising from the same source. It is all part of who we are. As individuals you get more of what you focus on! keep your focus on the positive aspects of your life, no matter what life throws at you, That’s the secret to being happy and peaceful in the now

Where do you think negativity comes from?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How does meditation improve our daily lives?

How does meditation improve our daily lives?

Meditation is all about being quiet and comfortable in yourself being in a harmony, flow and balanced in body, mind and spirit. Rejuvenating your energy levels, letting go of worries and stress. Opening your heart and mind again and again, even after you have been hurt, even after you have not done well at something, even after something has left you feeling confused and lost. Meditation puts you in direct access with the source, and an abundance of love, positivity and powerful spiritual energy and light that will give you the strength to face ALL challenges life will throw at you! Meditation can transform your daily life completely if you know how to meditate properly to fully access the benefits of this powerful transforming tool! #Love-silence