Thursday, 5 November 2015

Stop Kidding Yourself!

Recently I have had to eat a huge slice of humble pie! Which is always a good thing lol! Because it is what will take you faster to the next level of growth and success. We can get very good at hiding from ourselves until life pulls back the sheets or shines a huge spot light on our zits!  In my case I created this AMAZING mastermind group of Awesome and powerful woman. We meet once a month and give each other powerful life changing and life affirming feedback on life, business, relationships and personal development issues.

We raise each other up. We give truck loads of love and support and praise. We also give honest and constructive feedback which sometimes hits a nerve, because maybe its something we don't want to look at! Or its something we don't want to deal These are the very things that will make us grow fast, and allow us to shed believes or ideas that no longer serve us in the creation of our dreams and aspirations. The things we shy away from, the shame, the guilt, the embarrassment that we don't want others to know we feel...that we don't even want to reveal to ourselves.

Making Mistakes
Its okay to make mistakes, to fall down or to look clumsy, or silly, or even a little stupid to those watching from the comfort zone. Thats what could happen when you are going after your real dreams. Dream building, seeking and achieving is not for the faint hearted! You need to be brave, you need to be determined and most of all you need to be clear, about the dream and the why?! What would you need to do right now to go after your deepest and most scary but  most honest dreams. How uncomfortable (for a while) do you think you might have to feel to truly breakthrough the voices in your head, that tell you that dreams too big, you are not good enough, you will never achieve that, why not just forget the whole thing and just stay and hide under the sheets?  

Comfortable Out of The Comfort Zone
Being comfortable out of the comfort zone is a powerful place to live from, and can lead to big gains.  Society does not teach you this. You are easier to control when you are scared and fearful of your own shadow. Fear is one of the main energies we need to master and that is constantly thrown in our faces in the media. Stop reading the news paper or watching the news everyday. Instead spend that time educating yourself on positive, happier living by listening to recordings, watching videos or meditating, writing in your journal, dreaming and acting upon those dreams.

Many people end up giving up, because they don't have the support of other like minded people. People who are also living out of their comfort zone and aspiring to live each day with as much honesty and self respect to their fullest potential. At the end whatever you may hope for in the future, can only be created by what you are doing right now. What makes me happy is knowing that however things may turnout in the future, I am living, loving and laughing now, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the blessed life I have had and I am having. I endeavour  to bring the best me to the table each day.  Meditation allows you connect to the part of you that is free from all feelings of limitation and fear. Its not an escape from reality, but rather an awakening to the truth. We are not just victims of our circumstance, we are co creating by what we choice to belief, feel, think and do.