Monday, 29 September 2014

planting seeds for your future, now

Next Level

There is nothing more satisfying in daily life than to feel you are making progress at whatever it is you are leaning into. Whether you are progressing at work, in the gym, or on a spiritual and emotional level. Progress, advancement, makes us happy and gives us great satisfaction. Its our nature to aspire to be, do and achieve more! What are you working on? How would you like to grow, expand, take over your personal best? 

Planting seeds

For me I work from the inside out. If I want my outer reality to change I work on my inner state of mind, heart and clarity. I find peace in knowing where I came from, learning from my past. Where I am, realising that I am planting seeds for my tomorrows, right now. Planting seeds of gratitude, trust, peace and happiness means I can breath easy and watch my seeds grow. We do reap what we sow as much as we might wish it to be different! what seeds are you sowing?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An Epic Summer

Love Now

My trip in Thailand, this summer, was incredibly enlightening and up lifting. I got to fall in love with myself all over again ;-)! The self that is beyond name, occupation, education, status and the physical body. The Self that is the spirit, soul, eternal and divine part of us. The part of our human nature that allows us to evolve emotionally and BE happier and motivated human beings. I find myself feeling so full of love, that it over flows out onto the side walk and gushes out around me, wetting the feet of anyone who comes too close. 

Peace Now

I danced wildly on beaches in the rain, I swam with colorful fish in the ocean, I got intoxicated on spicy curries, I got lost on winding roads on my scooter, as I found myself more comfortable with the solitude of my own company. I find myself held firmly, gently, in the arms of peace, and it won't let me go. It clings to me, sings to me, kisses and caresses me. It makes love to me, filling me up with a stillness that is endless.