Monday, 23 June 2014

It's not about what you do, it's all about how you do it.

It's not about what you do, it's all about how you do it.

A lot has been said on the subject of making plans, and working the plan, writing lists and getting the stuff done. I want to add some food for thought. If you are not enjoying what you are doing and feeling good while you do it, your productivity in the actions you take will not be high. The results we get from work we do when we feel stressed, tired and uninspired does not meet the standard of work we are capable of doing when we are feeling, creative, fired up and in our full energy flow state. You can have two salesmen working on selling the same product. The one who is distracted, depressed and hates his job just won't be able to keep up with the one who is motivated, clear and loves what he does.

Being Unhappy Affects The Way You Work

Your level of emotional wellbeing has a dramatic effect on how productive you will be. Having even just one extremely  negative person on a team can also disable a teams ability to work together as a powerful and effective unit. Personal development techniques like meditation and mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to learn how to generate more love, passion and enthusiasm for what you do. It is our human nature to want to be good at what we do, and to try to out perform our best performance to date. The secret to achieving success is by following your bliss and finding out what you naturally enjoy doing.  

Do What you Are Really Good At

Being really good at something turns us on. There is nothing like being able to do what you like and what you are good at every single day. Look at all the success stories and there lies the secret. The love and passion for what they do is what gives them the determination to keep going regardless of the curve balls, set backs, uncertainty or whatever else appears on their path. Nobody is not good at something! Everyone of us has a gift. Some gifts are given more glamor and importance than other gifts and that's where people get confused, and start thinking they don't have talents and things they are really good at.

It Could Be More Simple Than You Believe

The first thing you need to do is recognise what you are really good at, it may be something simple like enjoying to be around people and talking to people. it may be something you never thought was very special like enjoying to be out in nature, or growing your own vegetables or planing games, or helping people find solutions to problems. Whatever it is there is something which you are good at and that you love doing. Once you have defined your natural and/or developed gift/gifts the next step is to start thinking out of the box about how you could use/develop these skills to start making money for you. 

Thinking Will Change Your Life

As a meditation master and lover of the "no mind" state it may seem like me asking you to start thinking may be me contradicting myself! LOL, but trust me, it's not. Not enough people use this aspect of their human capabilities correctly and there for most sadly don't benefit from it as much as they could. Worrying and obsessing over things is just mental activity which is not the same as focused and directed thinking processes like,  creative thinking, brainstorming, out of the box thinking, visualisations, contemplation time, listening for ideas. These types of thinking processes are all the same as digging for gold in a goldmine. When we take the time to think in this way, it is like sieving through the dirt and in time discovering the gold nuggets. You will be amazed at how you will find ways to turn your gifts and passions into gold, if you just start to allow your self to think creatively and without restriction or limitation....

Monday, 2 June 2014



Do you sometimes get the feeling that we are loosing our ability to trust each other? Do you get the feeling that a promise just does not mean what it used to? A man's word meant a lot in the old days and that now words just don't seem to mean as much. But instead of complaining about this, what can we do about it? How we contribute to a more honest and trusting environment, where our words truly mean something, in both our personal and work relationships?


Let us call upon our highest integrity and speak from there. Rather learn to say no and be more honest. We are terrified of real truth, almost as much as we are terrified of lies and liars! Truth has one major advantage, it allows you to live in the reality of what is. Would you rather someone was truly enjoying your company than pretending they were because they are too afraid to tell you the truth? Do we ignore someones emails instead of taking the time to respectfully explain to them why we no longer wish to communicate with them? On the surface this all seems harmless, but an emotionally intelligent being knows better than to stuff emotions away, hoping they will disappear with time.


Stuffing down the truth only leads to trouble sooner or later. How many dramas have unfolded and exploded in your life, simply because you did not tell the truth about what you were feeling and thinking? Yes with time the pain of promises broken, expectation not met and so forth, may seem to fade away, but in not dealing bravely and honestly with people, numbness may set in. You may become disconnected, depressed, jaded and cynical of all happy people. Finding their enthusiasm and optimism nauseating and somewhat naive! 


To keep our own integrity and light hearted bubbliness we are going to have to work on finding innovative ways of dealing with other peoples "trips" in a better way than just ignoring them, lying to them and hoping that in time we will feel less annoyed or hurt. Did you know that every single person on this planet is the same as you? Beyond the obvious differences like male, female, race, social standing and education. Yes on the personality level the human being covers all the colours of the rainbow, but on a soul level, spirit level, god level, energy level ...whatever you prefer to call it....we are the same. Its in the understanding of this idea and philosophy  that you grow into a more tolerant, honest and compassionate human being.


When we start looking at others and the world, as part of who we are, as opposed to something separate from us our integrity increases. We start to realise that we should treat every person in the same manner in which we wish to be treated. Especially the ones we don't like! Especially the ones we love to judge and complain about! Do you like it when people lie to you, even about little things? Do you like it when people ignore you instead of having the courage to face you with honesty and openness. We can dramatically change the world by changing ourselves.....working on who we are..rather than judging who "they" are.