Monday, 24 August 2015

People can make or break us???

The trippy summer is slowly winding to a close, and soon we will have to welcome the Autumn. Its time to take stock of all the lessons learned. Due to an intense renovation project on our new apartment, I found myself homeless. Its during such times that you realise the difference between people you know and real friends. It made me truly cherish and feel happy to know some awesome and amazing people.

I got to realise that its all about sharing wonderful moments with people that inspire you, lift you up, tell you your awesome (when you need reminding) and know how to laugh a lot ..... and cry too, if thats what is need! People are at the centre of all my dreams and goals, because really without great relations, what can we really achieve?

In every aspect of our lives the difference between success and failure will depend on the quality of our relations, the quality of the people we say yes to in business and private life. People can be the reason that you don't sleep well at night and they can also be the reason that you don't want to wake up in the morning  ;-))) I am not saying our destiny lies in other people hands, but rather in our ability to nurture and cultivate extraordinary relationships, that make us access our true greatness.

When we were young we knew how to fill each others hearts with delight. We were not afraid to love deeply and with great enthusiasm and purity. Our happiness to be together knew no limits or boundaries. If we fought we knew how to quickly kiss and make up! Can we find again that inner child who's wisdom was simple yet powerful and beautiful.

Lets stop to take stock of what we truly want and deserve from our relationships, and lets be brave enough to lead by example. Take this end of summer as a new beginning. People matter and its time to stop ignoring this fact, and work seriously on your relationships, they are the key to your success in every area of your life!

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