Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kick in The Gut, Ouch!

Kick in the gut, ouch!
Do you know this experience? Not literally I hope! The experience when something weird/uncomfortable  happens with someone, or some people, and you just were not expecting it! Some of these situations, that happen to us, looking back we can say, yep I am not so surprised, I saw that one coming. But then there are those situations that just take you by surprise and in doing so hit bellow the belt! Leaving you feeling more than a little bamboozled 

What Happened?

I recently received one of these situations, one of my clients told me what he really thought about me! I had only good memories of all our encounters together and I had seen this person go from strength to strength transforming themselves and their reality. So I was not really prepared for some of his comments which I received in an SMS. Has this ever happened to you? That feeling of being blindsided and surprised? Your expectations of that person were totally somewhere else.....

What did I do?
I called my friends, I asked for help, I reached out and exposed myself, my anger, my hurt, my embarrassment, my shame, my vulnerability, my bamboozlement!! I dived into all of these with full gusto and just allowed the range of emotions to rage like a fire in me and then burnout, until even the coals stopped glowing and only the ashes of my ego remained. What also remained was the knowledge that this is probably not the last time life will throw me a fast ball I was just not prepared for, but for the next one I will just be just that little stronger, just that little bit wiser and just that little bit less fragile.

Ask for Help - Do not Be Too Proud 
I am surrounding myself with amazing people! I am more and more amazed at the gifts, knowledge and  the blessings these people are offering to enrich my daily life. Its like having a net that catches you when you fall from a tight rope! Some moments in life can feel like a tight rope walk high up in the clouds ;-)) Because even my worst moments are still blessed ones compared to millions of people in this world! Surround yourself with people that expand you, love you, adore you, praise, hear you and firmly challenge you to be the best version of yourself you can be. People who shine and want you to shine, people who work hard and make you raise your game. People who know how to laugh  and have fun, no matter whats going on, because they are committed to live the moment and be grateful in it.

The Lessons learned are priceless

The thing is that what these situations reveal about us is fascinating. We get to stretch our spiritual  and emotional muscles and we are forced to grow up! I wanted to strike back, I wanted to be big enough to  just ignore it, I wanted to..I wanted to..I wanted to scream, and finally I just needed to cry. I have learned to stop being so protective about negative criticism, in doing so we give power to those words and moving forward becomes difficult, moving to forgiveness and compassion becomes challenging. What is the worst thing anyone could say to you? Imagine it has been said. You will still live, you will still be, you will still love and give. You will still shine and laugh. Practice being unstoppable, by having nothing to prove, nothing to protect, nothing to hide, nothing to defend! Thanks Lisa Nichols from motivating the masses for these wonderful empowering pearls of wisdom.  

Escape into the beauty of Switzerland and find your inner beauty, your inner light. The part of you that is limitless potential and infinite love and compassion. Time to just be and let go of all of it!

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