Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hot Summer Dreams!


What plans do you have for this summer? What dreams do you want to manifest and how can you go about making those dreams into reality? These days manifestation guru's all talk about the importance of action, action, action! Its the key ingredient to becoming a  manifestation queen or king. Here are three helpful things to consider when you are ready to become an epic dream maker.

1. Get Rid of Your Limitations  

Write it down on paper. When you write with a pen on paper you activate the creative part of your brain. Writing is a powerful tool that we must never replace with digital technology. Writing gets you in touch with your imagination and allows you to let go and get out of the box. What about thinking big? Be aware that the best way to train yourself to becoming an epic dream maker is by setting yourself up to win.

This does not mean don't think big, It just means break the big dream into bitesize chunks and start chewing on that first bite. I have the big dream of wanting to support many many people globally to find their inner strength, peace and clarity.  I would love to take the power of meditation into new  places it may not have gone yet. Like what about taking meditation into an african slum and seeing what happens when we unlock inner peace in individuals, in a place where even the most basic human comforts are not available?

In our limitations we sometimes underestimate the potential transformative effect, of empowering human beings with this kind of powerful inner wisdom. So what are the next steps I need to take, that will  take me in the direction of accomplishing my big dream? I already have a plan for this summer and know exactly what I would like to have done by the end of the summer. My plan is totally doable, therefore failure is not an option. I have set myself up to win and being a winner keeps your spirits and passion high. Set your goals in such a way that you think, I am a winner! 

2. Read it, Repeat it and Edit it

Its important to keep polishing the dream, revising it, revisiting it and redefining it.  Get it down to a one liner. The more you think about it, the more real it becomes and thats when the real magic starts happening. Don't get stuck in the how. How am I going to accomplish this? rather stay on the why? Why do you want this, why are you doing this?  why does this matter to you. The why is your fuel. When you keep connected to the why you will never run out of passion and determination.

My why is clear. I LOVE helping people find inner peace. There is nothing more beautiful in this world to me than seeing people get empowered. When they discover their inner light and beauty they transform themselves and in doing so they bring more light, love, happiness and peace into the world. I can wake up to this why and feel inspired, regardless of where on the journey I am, or how big the challenge seems at times. My why makes every part of the journey fulfilling.

3. Cultivate a Determination Mindset

Determination is a quality you want to nurture in order to become a powerful dream maker. Think of the process of making a baby. It needs time for the baby to grow in the mothers belly. Your thoughts need time to manifest into the real world. Don't be too quick to give up and also don't keep changing your mind. Take time to get really clear, by finding out who you really are in the core. Create dreams that make you shine, feel good and that create deep contentment in your life. 

However don't be afraid to fail and try different things in order to get to that core, just make sure you give each thing a real and sincere effort once you start it. Even when you do find that thing that you love and want, thats just the beginning of the journey and not the end. The work never ends on the journey of self growth, the good thing is it all does get easier. Meaning that with each passing moment you are getting stronger, wiser and more in balance.

WHEN: Thursday, June 4 2015
TOPIC: Being Happy Now is Easy
TIME: 11 am CET/Switzerland
“How can I be happy every day in a world that is so negative and challenging?”
Mahima will share clear and down to earth spiritual guidance and action steps you can take to discover that “ Being Happy Now is Easy” 
She will also share a brief but powerful guided meditationto help you connect to yourself on a profound level.
By the end of this call you will feel, from the very deepest part of your being, that you NOW truly understand and know how to BE inner peace and bring happiness into your daily life
1. Happiness is your purpose
Discover a happiness that is not depended on any outside circumstances, events, situations or people
2. Lean into positivity
Know what makes you expand and make time and space for those things in your daily life
3. Stand in your Power

Clarity about who you are on a spiritual level and material level are the keys to the kingdom of happiness

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