Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Facing New Challenges?

Worrying will not help you
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. There is just something wonderfully simplistic and totally doable in this concept. It just makes me smile. Worry has never been a problem solver, it may even contribute to the challenge when left to run wild and free. How to stop it in its gleeful but destructive path?  

Reframing is a great and simple way to stop worrying. If you are worried about something like getting fired. Try reframing it into this, new doors are opening. When a new door opens it makes us sit up in curiosity and pay attention. It makes us more open and present in the moment. It perhaps even adds excitement and flavor to an otherwise mundane and predictable existence. 

Embrace the journey
Every moment of living is a gift. Whatever happens, try to make it about the journey, the adventure and the game of life. NOT about the end goal. Every moment holds its own special experience, waiting for you to inhale wholeheartedly. Experiences you can shape and define by discovering your immense inner potential and power.

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