Monday, 23 September 2013

Resolving conflicts gracefully.

How Do We Resolve Conflict?

It is a very good question indeed! With diversity of cultures and experiences becoming so rich in the workplace and social environment it is a question worth exploring. Whether we like it or not these days we really need to learn skills that help us to navigate waters when conversation takes an unfortunate turn

Do you hate arguments?

Learning these skills could help you at work, in social settings or with your family, yet how many of us are even willing to admit that it is worth the effort to learn these kind of skills? We seem to dislike arguments and conflict so much that we just think they should not happen at all, but is that not a little naive? It is something to aspire to that is for sure but what can we do when it happens.

It takes two to tango

How can we navigate ourselves gracefully through these uncomfortable circumstances and experiences? What can we do to take responsibility for our involvement in the conflict? You may want to start with something simple to empower yourself in these situations. "Do not be so surprised when it happens." You are a human and not a robot. The joy in that being, that we can develop our emotional intelligence!

Accepting Conflict as Human Nature?

Clearly non of us want to spend our time fighting and arguing with other people. Yet pretending like everything is hunky-dory just to keep the peace can also have negative effects. If we can accept that people will have different opinions and view points, not matter how different or distasteful their opinions may appear to us, this would already put us in a more open state of mind to resolve the conflict as swiftly as possible.

Embracing Diversity

Is it really easier said than done? With self awareness and belief we can achieve and do just about anything we set our mind to. If you accept that others have the right to their opinions, however odd they maybe. It will be easier to accept them and also much easier to deal with a conflict of opinion when one arises.

We do not need to agree to be agreeable

I will be putting into effect a little experiment with myself. Consciously choosing to gather as many different opinions on as many of the subjects that are very important to me. And seeing if i can stay agreeable in the face of disagreement. Yes it is frustrating and even somewhat annoying when we don't always find ourselves agreeing with what other people have to say. Yet having said that this is also 2013 and everyone has an opinion on everything so we better just get used to it and it might actually catapult us into a new level of communication! 

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