Thursday, 7 March 2013

In the pursuit of Love

In our pursuit of Love there are some fundamental things to consider that can greatly help us on a daily basis. Unconditional love starts with loving the man/woman in the mirror, regardless of what's going on around you right now, how you look or how you feel about yourself or your life.

Love is something which springs forth from inside of us rather than something that is given to us by those around us. Others can give us their respect and kindness, but love is something shared rather than given. Here is where many suffer from love because they have over looked this enlightening interpretation of how love works.

We seek love from the outside when it is in fact a hidden gem waiting to be discovered within us. It is the very essence of who we are as humans. The thing that drives us to do wonderful things for each other and the world. I shudder when I see love being used to escape being accountable for the choices we are making.

Like staying in distructive relationships in the name of love or performing acts of horror in the name of love for our countries or what ever else we are passionate about. Love is a sacred river from which when we drink we are refreshed, revived and inspired and enlightened. When we dare to connect to the source of that river which is within us, it flows out into the world around us bringing life to the seeds we plant in other peoples hearts.

Love and happiness are intrinsically contented, so if we seek one we must also pursue knowledge and experience of the other. Unconditional love feels like no other because it goes beyond the limits that we assume love has. Love is as limited or expansive as we choose it to be, because ultimately what we believe about anything is what will ultimately prevail.

Our beliefs cultivate our way of living and defining what is possible and what is not. I have come to believe through my personal experience with love, that there is absolutely no down side to or limit to Love. It will in fact empower you immensely when you choose to fully surrender yourself to it, become it and share it with fearless regard with out needing a reason or provocation to do so! Fear to love too much arises only when we believe it is something we recieve from others and can therefore be lost, rather than something shared with others from that fearless place within.

From this place love can never be lost or taken away from you, also it is not so much something you give away, but rather something you become, something you are and something you embody and radiate through the conscious choice to do so!

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