Monday, 18 March 2013

Inner Power is a Limitless Force

Who you are, is beyond gender and name, it is the energy that connects everything and exists in everything. It's the part of you that can never die.  You are always connected to it and can never be separated from it. You can only believe that you are separated from it through the mind and ego. We just need to become conscious of this connection to start benefiting from it in our daily lives.

We connect to the world, through the physical body and our thoughts. The body is like a cup holding this essence. There are many words that have been given to describe this essence such as love, God, Buddha Nature, chi, source, energy, light, soul or spirit. I don’t care what you prefer to call it, I will refer to it as energy or source. When you connect to this part of yourself, you will know a love that knows no limit, a joy that is independent of circumstance, an ability to be present in the now. It is like plugging into the centre of the earth for heat, there is a limitless supply of it, once you know how to tap into it.

Think of the great adventurers of the world and all the incredible things they do, like running a naked and barefoot marathon in the North Pole. These people perform feats that would normally kill an ordinary human being.  They are tapping into this powerful part of themselves that has limitless potential, energy and knowledge. We all have access to this energy, and we have tapped in and out of it many times in our own life, without consciously choosing to do so. At the moments when you felt invincible, powerful, overjoyed or bubbling with creativity or found yourself in the zone, your were connecting to that greater part of yourself. Meditation is the conscious choice to plug-in to that energy into that source.

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