Monday, 16 December 2013

An adventure into the now!

To journey within is as exciting as visiting a colorful reef, a beautiful island, a remote mountain path or a magical urban jungle! Within us lies unclaimed territory, pristine stillness and a beauty that is beyond belief. And yet we cling to the outer journey with such intensity that we loose touch with this deep inner valley of peace and joy!

The Book
I have been pregnant with this book since about 10 years! And finally have given birth to it. I want to share some of my life experiences that have shaped my now reality, and made me the person I am today. I will  of course continue to evolve, grow, learn and transform, as that is the awesome essence of living.

What Can You Expect From the Book?
I wanted to make it  clear that awakening, meditation, love and happiness is totally possible for ANY one who seeks this. With BEING in the NOW as the goal, there is ulimately NO end goal. Only the endless, timeless, unfolding of THIS precious moment

Self- Discovery
In my book I gently but firmly guide you back or deeper into this sun filled valley, this inner sanctuary which transforms people and lives. This knowledge that carries you out of unnecessary mental and emotional suffering and into a more peaceful mindset, that allows you to smile, laugh and live MORE. ...because you discover the power and truth of the now.

An Adventure into The Now
Everything we need is right now, right here in front of us. We do not need to wait, to reclaim our birthright. We came into this world illuminated and that is what we are and that is what and how we shall leave. To understand this is to know that all humans whatever their, problems, personality or situation in life, are made of the same essence. Like everything else in this universe we are made of the same stuff - energy. Knowing this beyond thinking about it, is the true meaning of compassion and love.

 Discover Simplicity
Nothing gives me more pleasure that to see a person discover there inner world. The power within them, the magnificence and clarity that can be experienced just by choosing to honor silence and step into stillness. When they allow themselves to return to the truth and rest there basking in the simplicity. 

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