Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Free at Last

Freedom is relative and a very interesting thing to explore in-depth! Unless you are free of the mental limitations you put on yourself, other people and on what the world has to offer... real freedom is going to be impossible to truly experience.

How many people do you know who are feel stuck in certain relationships, jobs, studies, debts, home mortgages and all different kind of situations? How many people do you know that are even prisoners of their own beliefs? I could never earn that much money, this will never work out, I will never find a good enough partner? Wether it is the prison of your desires or the prison of your fears, both prisons should be avoided!

I heard a brilliant speech the other day from a Toastmaster friend of mine Manuel Gomez. (http://www.toastmasters.org) He had been invited to speak in a prison and through that experienced he discovered that although he may not be locked behind real bars he need to release himself from the limiting prison of his mind and his own beliefs. An amazingly inspiring Prisoner had also spoken during his visit to the prison......the Prisoner spoke of a freedom that had nothing to do with keys, locks and chains. A freedom that was without limit or restraint.

The man shared how he needed the grey nightmare of the prison to realize the real prison was his mind and how in prison he had  found his real freedom. A freedom and peace that lies in all of us, waiting for us to reclaim it. Some of us need to be pushed to breaking point before we yield enough to discover it!! It's a freedom we all have tasted as we were born knowing the joys of that kind of freedom.

Realization is the first step to rediscovering this kind of freedom
and change is harder when we resist it. Unless you see that you are a prisoner you will never know what freedom feels like. I invite you to release yourself from beliefs that limit you, others and the world around you..... No dream should be too much, no heart too small, so person too stupid, release yourself and others from the prison of limited thinking, because when it comes to freedom, if you can think it ...chances are high you can achieve it.

Feel free to go outside the walls of what you believe is possible.

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