Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Do you have relationship blues?

    Happy Relationships Require Your Attention

The number 8 represents infinity. Here are eight powerful tools to work with, when looking to bond deeper and form infinity friendships and heart connections that will survive the test of time and most importantly remain vibrant in the now. Remember that it takes two to tango so make sure to follow your intuition and select great people who are open minded and ready to explore personal development.

Only through an open heart can love flow into you, through you and out of you. Love, it self never hurts, it is a positive force for good, only the egos pride can be bruised. Never close your heart, especially when you feel hurt. An open heart is invincible and bullet proof, because It holds on to nothing and leads the owner of that open heart into a love that has no limit and can never be given and taken away because its who you are in the core.

The world will only love you as much as you love yourself. Self-appreciation and respect is an essential ingredient in the pursuit of powerful and good relationships. Make peace with who you are right now, this gives you the power to accept others and deal better with their imperfections. Self loathing is not an attractive quality. When you have confidence in yourself you give other people permission to have confidence in you.

Pure love is not jealous or insecure, it sees the essence of the other person, the goodness and soul, beyond the imperfections
When love hurts it is because somewhere the ego go involved. Pure love never hurts. It is healing, soothing, uplifting inspiring and empowering. So whenever you are in pain in a relationship, it's because you stepped away from pure love and stepped into the limitation of ego love. Ego love is never happy; it feels empty, frustrated, uninspiring and exhausting.

Maintain deep eye contact, stop whatever you are doing and really listen and feel your partner. If you really want to resolve conflicts with anyone, that’s what you will have to do. Most of us can’t hear or connect, because we are in the past or the future. Defending our actions and ourselves! Practice being fully present and available to people, be in the now. Its feels like a love shower when someone is fully present with you.
Know your strengths, know your weaknesses. Own your part in any conflict. Own your happiness, sadness, anger and how you feel. See how what you feel, think and do has a powerful effect  and influence on the world around you. Nothing will fuel an argument more than being defensive instead of considering apologizing and being brave enough to admit your mistakes and limitations.
Complimenting your people on a daily basis will do wonders for a happy bond. People like to feel seen and appreciated. People respond well to vulnerability, so please don’t be afraid to show vulnerability, express your truth, be authentic, take risks and be honest. Your mask is only skin deep, people can feel authenticity and integrity. These two things can only be accessed through real vulnerability. You are more powerful in your vulnerability, than when you are out of it! Try it and prepare to be amazed…

Real forgiveness is not selective. I will forgive this but not that, ultimately if you are to survive and blossom in relationships, you will have to become a master at forgiving. Forgiving yourself for not reacting, as you would have liked to, forgiving people for hurting you, forgiving yourself for getting hurt and so on and on and on, its never ending! It’s the ultimate art of letting go of everything and the key to real freedom and peace of mind.
We often forget to be playful and lighthearted with each other. Growing up does not have to mean growing stern and serious. We can’t laugh at ourselves and god forbid if anyone else is laughing at us! If you are not laughing everyday with your partner/ colleagues and friends you need to seriously consider how you can start doing that. Real deep belly laughter with each other is the best icebreaker and connects you to your enjoyment of each other. Its one of the most powerful tools in this lineup and needs to be taken seriously!! ;-)))

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