Monday, 24 November 2014

Mastering the basics for a happy life

The days of sitting cross legged in a lotus posture for hours on end, going on long travels to and India ashram, changing your name or shaving your head and wearing long robes, are no longer a prerequisite for deep spiritual transformation and growth. Having done all that, and loved every minute of it, I can tell you from first hand experience. Times are a changing!

Freedom can be found in every corner of this globe, because it really is an inner experience, that is not limited by space and time. Also the world is  changing and how we learn today is not the same as how we learned 20, 30 and forty years ago. Our spiritual development is happening at a much faster rate too, with people able to get out of 15 mins mins of meditation what used to take an hour! We are bombard even in the media, with calls to be more conscious, compassionate, kinder and  even happier in our daily lives. Having a negative attitude is no longer as cool and as "normal" as it used to be.

How to Accelerate Progress in These Times

Having said that there are some things to bear in mind, as a modern day seeker of inner peace, if you are looking to accelerate your ability to enjoy the now.

1. Surround yourself with spiritually aware people

Nothing can derail your efforts more than spending too much of your time with people who are on a totally different wave length than you.  In fact find people that will inspire, motivate and even push you to go deeper. The funny thing is, if you have the courage to stay true to your desire to meet and be surrounded with amazing people, you will manifest this, for sure! Just don't give up and keep removing yourself from situations that drain rather than energise, that limit rather than, give you wings to soar. 

2. Start Your Day With a Spiritual Boost

Instead of just jumping out of bed and hoping for the best, do something in the morning that puts you in the right frame of mind. Do a gratitude list in your head before your feet even touch the ground. Meditate, dance, do yoga, sing or say out loud to your reflection in the mirror what you want to get out of that day. Keep a diary and write a few words down that remind you of who you are and what your purpose is. Read a passage out of a book that inspires you. Eat a healthy and energising breakfast.Too often I see people underestimate the power contained in these small daily rituals.

3. Fall In Love With Mastering The Basics

The basic should never be over looked in our quest for knowledge. This society of modern times is becoming a more, more, more type of society. We want more and in our hunger to fulfil this desire, we can loose the simplicity in things. We can over reach, destroy and complicate things. The basics in spiritual development are these....

Love yourself, love life and love the world, as it is right now. Let go of fear and embrace trust. Forgive continuously  and express gratitude with each breath. That is really all you need to master to become the master of your own destiny, heart and mind.

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