Monday, 10 March 2014

A life full of happiness

Happiness is the new productivity
Happiness is becoming a intense topic of conversation, in a world were more people are getting totally out of balance emotionally and physically. People are starting to realize that happiness it is not just a given, but something that has to be cultivated and developed, with passion and 

Live the Happiness Movement

Why do we need to take time out to actively seek it and learn how to "be happy"? Because we all know that everything becomes easier when we feel good. When we are uplifted, motivated and focused, we feel powerful and fearless. We feel like we can deal with anything life throws at us when we are not consumed with negative thoughts and feels. Feeling Negative and sad makes you distracted, confused and reduces your ability to perform as you would like to.

Beat the Blues

Our mind is our greatest asset. It is our magic wand and our genie in a bottle - when we know how to use it so it works for us and not against us. Meditation, mindfulness, contemplation is by far the most effective way to directly train your mind to be still and quiet. Quiet your mind and you instantly feel happier! Meditation practice is more than a stress relief tool and more like a powerful way to create and influence your reality. It puts your emotional vibrational frequency on a level that will literally start making magical things to start happening in your life.

Most people try to compare meditation with jogging or other sports that they enjoy doing, thinking that the results are similar. Nothing could be 
furthest from the truth. The difference is that in meditation you are only working exclusively on training, tuning and developing your "mind power" to operate at a level of awareness that puts you into touch with a "life perspective" that is fully peace, harmony and joy oriented.

Comparing doing sports that undoubtedly make you feel good, to sitting silently and actively training your mind to rewire your brain and create new neural pathways for success and happiness is equivalent to saying a tomato and a potato are the same thing  Sure they both belong to the veg family but you just cannot make a yummy gratin out of tomatoes or a pasta sauce out of potatoes!

Sports will make you feel great, no question, but Meditation will give you the edge in everything you do. It will make you do everything that you do better! That is why highly successful people all over the world are now taking the time to train their ability to be more happy and peaceful in the now, through actively engaging in training their mind to be quiet, getting connected with what is known as an "alfa mind state." 

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