Friday, 16 December 2011

Wake up and Roar!

Hello and Welcome to my blog. This has been something I have wanted to create since sometime now finally I have a place to freely express what I really feel about everything around the subject of Enlightenment, Spiritual awakening and growth, connecting to God and all that wonderful stuff!

If you are sensitive to Rebels then you may want to stop reading right now, but if you think that this is an area where someone needs to speak out against some of the misconceptions, misdirection being peddled out there and sold to the masses as Spiritual awakening then read on and enjoy!

To start with I am not in agreement with anyone who is too stuffy, arrogant, higher than thou on these issues and I believe it's this attitude that limits so many from finding and living the truth which is every humans birth right and can only be found in the heart of the Now.

I always wonder why with so much great wisdom available in the world, why are we still fucking things up as a human race!?

Oh you don't think we are fucking things up!? Yes I am using the word fucking here as I don't think there is really any other word at least in the English language that discribes it so clearly and beautifully! But I am open the learn other words that do so feel free to enlighten me futher! ha ha ha!
So you dont agree that WE are fucking things up, with our actions with our beliefs with our words, with our big fat egos?!
Take off you rose colored sunglasses, for just a moment, that is all you will need;-)! and take a plane to, Asia, Africa, South America, America!Hell any where poverty and corruption is crippling a society from moving forward or living with dignity and Care, or even just preventing them from having the basics.

Take a bus to the wrong side of the City. Or simply open your eyes and ears and heart and listen to what's really going on around you. In your bed;-) in you home, in your office,in your community!!In your country!

If you stop thinking you know everything and start truely listening to everything, you will find a crying for rightness not only from people but from the earth, the trees, the animals, to the rivers and the Seas, You will hear, see and know with out a shadow of a doubt that we are fucking things up big time !! And all of us are responsible and playing our part!

And you waking up to this truth will be one more light in the world doing the right thing morally and ethically. Waking up and being more aware,more concious and therefore more equipped to start doing your share to influence your immediate surroundings and making your contribution to bringing more peace, equality, love, peace and joy into this world.

It all starts with awakening to the truth NOW. Become a lover of truth and pull your head out of the sand and engage in finding your inner peace, love and light. Its the challenge of this lifetime to become a man or woman spreading goodness into this world, by connecting to the love and light within your own heart

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